Aubrey's Song Foundation

Our Story

Aubrey’s Song Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation established in November of 2005 to honor the memory of Aubrey Michelle Clark who died from eating disorder-related complications at the tender age of 22 in September of 2005.

Aubrey was always helping others even when she could not help herself. Aubrey loved to draw, paint, doodle, sculpt, sew and create! Many of her creations were unique and comical!

The night Aubrey’s friends learned of her passing, they gathered in the living room of her home and spent the night going through pictures, CD’s, and scrapbooks to prepare for her funeral visitation and service. One of those friends spent his night writing a song, which was the next day recorded at a studio, and later played at her memorial service.

Our Logo

Purple was Aubrey’s favorite color and she loved dolphins!

Those were the only two symbols that were given to a friend who agreed to design a logo for The Foundation.  He so fittingly used those items, along with a music note, to create our custom logo.

Words From Our Founder

“It is my firm belief that God put a burden on my heart to do something to try to help others so that no other family would ever have to suffer this kind of pain ever again.  I believe he gave me the idea, the name and the courage to approach the family with this idea.  Thus Aubrey’s Song Foundation was born out of despair but in hope—despair over the pain that my friends were going through, and that I was feeling too, but hope that through this loss, God would work some great work in the lives of others.”

Dennis H. Wilson, Founder
Aubrey’s Song Foundation